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    Scrip to adjust letter spacing and word spacing


      Is there a way in a script to adjust the letter spacing and word spacing to file for all paragraphs? I have a script built that can do this through reapplying paragraph styles but that won't really work for the project I am on. I have to set the word and letter spacing to a predefined setting for the entire document but keep the current styles that are applied to everything. There are about 2000 files and they have all been created over a 15 year + period so trying to make sure I have the names of the styles correct to reapply them in the script I have I don't think is an option.


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          Blujely Level 1

          I found what I was looking for in a reply from Jongware in another post about changing word spacing. The only thing that was mising was the letter spaincg lines which was easy enough to add. Below is what I ended up with.


          app.findTextPreferences = null;

          app.findTextPreferences.appliedFont = "Times New Roman";

          foundItems = app.activeDocument.findText();

          for (i=0; i<foundItems.length; i++)


          foundItems[i].minimumWordSpacing = 100;

          foundItems[i].desiredWordSpacing = 100;

          foundItems[i].maximumWordSpacing = 200;

          foundItems[i].minimumLetterSpacing = 0;

          foundItems[i].desiredLetterSpacing = 0;

          foundItems[i].maximumLetterSpacing = 0;



          Thanks Jongware