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    Redistribute Free Flex SDK


      I am a high school student and I wanted to know if it is possible to redistribute the Free Flex SDK.

      Ian Liu.
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          No, you cannot redistribute the Flex SDK. See section 2.1.3 of the license.htm file that's included in the SDK zip file:

          2.1.3 Restrictions.

          (a) General Restrictions. Except for the limited distribution rights as provided in Section 2.1.1 above with respect to SDK Source Files, Licensee may not distribute, sell, sublicense, rent, loan, or lease the SDK Components and/or any component thereof to any third party. For the avoidance of doubt, Licensee shall not have a right to distribute any SDK Components that are provided as executables and/or in object code form. Licensee also agrees not to add or delete any program files that would modify the functionality and/or appearance of other Adobe software and/or any component thereof.
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            Can one freely distribute compiled SWF files created by Flex Builder (provided you have purchased a Flex Builder license) or do you need a special license ?