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    Conditional formatting not ending where it should

    namedujour Level 1

      RH10 - I applied conditional formatting to a large portion of text within a topic to exclude it from the "External" site. This portion contains numbered and bulleted text and a number of paragraphs.


      The last two lines of the topic do NOT have conditional formatting applied to them - they are supposed to display on the external site, but they don't.


      I went into the HTML code, and found the following at the beginning of every paragraph within that range: <?rh-cbt_start condition="External" ?>. At the end of the range, the code was this: <?rh-cbt_end  ?>. Since that didn't work, I pasted condition="External" ? into that string of code so it was now . <?rh-cbt_end  condition="External"?> It still didn't work.


      The only thing that worked was cutting the last two lines of text, and pasting them just above the conditional formatting range. But that puts things out of order for the internal site.


      Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm out of ideas.



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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I think the first step is to remove all signs of tags from all items in the list.


          The surest way is to select the whole list first and right click. Does it show Remove Attributes (note the plural). If it does, select that and you will see the tags and can remove them.


          Next look at the code and make sure it is free of code. There might still be some. If there is click in paragraphs and right click looking for Remove Attributes again. Select any spaces and do the same.


          If necessary remove the tag code in the HTML.


          Now select just the first topics that should be tagged and apply whatever tag you want and test again. Are these items in the middle of a list? Without doing some testing, I am not sure how the numbering will behave.


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            namedujour Level 1

            To address your last question first, the numbering isn't technically "numbering." I import the documents from Word, so Robohelp converts the numbers to images (may have something to do with something..?). These lists are within a range of content about a page long with two lines at the end that do NOT have conditional formatting.


            I highlighted that range and right-clicked, and did not see Remove Attributes on the dropdown list. It was not even a grayed-out option. The fact that it wasn't technically "numbered" may account for this.


            What code strings do I need to remove from the code? Were you referring to attributes or the conditional formatting tags? I did remove the conditional formatting and leave a few paragraphs at the end and copy/paste those two lines at the bottom, below the conditional formatting. Nothing.


            But then I copy/pasted a random non-conditonal formated table with some surrounding paragraph text, and pasted it below the conditional formatting. IT DISPLAYS. So it may be a matter of Robohelp getting confused by only two lines of text or something, but understands it all when there's more text than just the two lines without conditional formatting.


            So I copy/pasted one of the lines five times, and it did NOT display. I copy/pasted about 15 times and it did. So you won't believe the fix: I just formatted the excess lines so the text was white and left it there, and now everything displays perfectly. (I'm good with it, as long as it works!)

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              Converts numbers to images? Egh?


              To see what needs to be stripped, add a line of garbage text and apply a tag. Then look at it in HTML view.


              You will see something starting <?rh-list_start


              Sorry, Remove Attributes will not appear for CBTs, my mistake.


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