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    Serious problem using Symbols on Safari iPad

    AmintaAdobe Level 1

      Hi folks!



      I'm experiencing a severe issue with Edge Animate and Safari mobile (iOS 6.01 and iBooks Author Widget).


      The problem is very simple: when I work without symbol, all it work flawlessy, but if I run the same animation as a symbol, the animation looks "horrific" in Safari Mobile.


      Here's the examples (see it FROM AN IPAD):


      1) Simple animation:  http://www.terredainventare.it/ios/notSymbol/Dante.html


      2) Animation that contain the previous animation as a a symbol: http://www.terredainventare.it/ios/symbol/Dant eSimbolo.html (slow and corrupted).


      Here are the project files:  http://www.terredainventare.it/ios/SymbolNotSymbol.zip


      Is it a iOS 6 or an Edge Animate bug with webkit?






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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hi Davide,


          The image you're using is quite large - 1024x1388px and almost a full MB in size. iOS can have problems rendering large images and you can run into problems if images exceed 1024x1024px, which I believe is what you're seeing when you wrap the image in a symbol. Perhaps try reducing the size of the image and slicing it into two and group them together to form a seamless image.



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            AmintaAdobe Level 1

            Ok Sarah, I'm trying to solve the problem slicing the pictures and it seems the animation get more speed but I have to slice more.


            In meantime, I have a question: why if I use the 1MB size picture in an animation without symbol it works smoothly on Safari-iPad but, if I "wrap" the same image in a symbol, the animation is ver very slower?


            Many thanks for your help!!