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    SP2 IE security for Captivate files in Robohtml

    Pam_Sieg Level 1
      We are adding Captivate "tours" to HTML online help projects (RoboHelp X5) by inserting links to each "tour" from a help topic. After a recent upgrade to IE SP2, a block message prevents the tour from opening immediately. I am afraid this could discourage our users from viewing these helpful tutorials. When a Captivate tour link is selected, the user is required to click in the message bar and select Allow Blocked Content from the menu. A Security Warning then displays before the
      Captivate tour begins. I have contacted Captivate support, but have not gotten what I need to resolve this issue. I'd like to hear from anyone who has found a workaround the IE security block meessage for Captivate (flash player files) in a RoboHelp HTML help project. Perhaps some java script that can be inserted into our HTML help project?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Pam and welcome to our community

          You mention "HTML Help project". I'm wondering exactly what your output type is. If it's a compiled .CHM file, I don't believe the error is an issue, as it isn't seen. So I'm guessing here the output is WebHelp?

          There are some workarounds for this that will indeed prevent the message from being seen. You can see more about that at the following links.

          Click here to read the article

          Feel free to post back if any of this is unclear.

          Sincerely... Rick
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            Pam_Sieg Level 1
            Rick, thanks for your reply. We have been trying for 2 weeks to get help on this so I posted the issue in both the roboHelp and Captivate forums. Sorry for the duplicate questions....I just wasn't sure where the resolution really lies. Captivate or Robohelp?

            We are generating a .chm file using RoboHTML--not a Webhelp project. To clarify further, we are displaying/running the SWF/HTM file in a browser window. User's display a topic that contains the list of available Captivate movies , and when they select one, it displays the movie in a browser window--not in the help viewer. We'd like to be able to prevent the user from having to click Allow Blocked Content every time they want to view a movie.

            I read in an earlier post your reference to a "seed" file. Is the seed file the standard.htm file and if so, how would it be modified to allow active content? We do not know Java Script, so this needs to be explained a little more for us.

            Would we also need to modify the HTM topic that contains all the links to the SWF/HTM files?

            Thanks for your help!