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    No speed gain after major hardware upgrade.  Wrong settings for nvidia quadro 6000 + tesla m2090?

    tobi 238

      I just upgraded my hardware by a quadro 6000 plus a tesla m 2090, to get faster render times in adobe premiere pro CS 6 and after effects.  I have to use the Twixtor Plug-in for generating slo-mos. Though both cards are working, the render speed of my clips didn't increase very much; the preview is stopping and stuttering, like with the Ge Force GTX 560, I used before. For rendering a 480 frames preview with just Twixtor Pro Slomo Effect on it( Speed to 30%) it takes 4 to 5 minutes. That can't be true.


      My system: Win 7 Pro 64 - Intel i7-2600 @ 3.40 GHZ; 32,0 GB GDDR 3 RAM, Asus P8P67 Motherboard + the Quadro 6000 and the Tesla M 2090.  When starting new adobe premiere projects, the software recognizes my cards in the display Video rendering and playback settings, it reads Renderer: Mercury Playback Engine-GPU Acceleration.  I'm sure, there must be some settings I have overlooked, to unfold the full potential of the Quadro and Tesla cards. I would be more than grateful if you can please help me with this problem.


      Thanks in advance