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    Help with Adobe Acrobat Pro XI...multiple signatures without invalidating others?


      I saw the many posts about multiple digital signatures. We are having a similar problem but now are going to be using Acrobat Pro XI. In the past, the author would create the document and of course, not having the knowledge or training did not do some of the things that you have suggested. We haven't gotten the software yet; but wanted to find out if there is a process that we start out with to avoid problems with multiple digital signatures.


      We now have a single "handler" of each document after the author finishes it in Microsoft Word and before it becomes a PDF. What would be the correct process or processes to have the "handler" do so that we can make it easy for everyone. Is there a way to get digital signatures without other signatures being invalidated? Also, having the handler's ID in their "trusted identities" .....is there another way? We are often dealing with folks that are unfamiliar with the computer and certainly with Adobe also.


      Anything you can do to help would be so much appreciated. Is there a couple of uncomplicated ways that we can create so we use just that process all the time?