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    About anchored frames

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/framemaker/using/WS75661B69-DDAF-4379-B743-2A48F4C0FD5D.html

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          My text is attached to the anchored frame at the top of the page. When I scale the frame the text moves UPWARD, but creates a blank page at the top of the page, and then one preceding that with just one line of text. I need that text to flow independently of the graphic, What is my remedy?

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            mattrsullivan Level 3

            Can you supply screenshots?

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              Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You probably have your anchored frame attached to the paragraph containing the text. It is better practice to have separate paratags to hold only anchored frames. You have much more control over layout this way.

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                Mr Gubins, can you present a screen shot of what you mean about the separation of the para-tagging for this effort?

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                  Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                  See paratag "anchor_holder" (coloured red for visibility only). You can set anchoring paratags for frames and tables. Easy to find, easy to adjust spacings around them - also can set" keep with" properties to ensure they stay with content or can float away depending upon page/column breaks.

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                    mattrsullivan Level 3

                    Hi Tyripp,


                    The screen shot you sent me offline shows that you're working in structured docs, which means you have very little wiggle room in how you place your graphics. I suggest you ask a coworker to show you how the graphics should be inserted properly based upon your structured frame edd. Once you do this, the graphic should behave as expected.


                    Hint: Usually a graphic object would have a Figure or similar wrapper that might also allow for a caption. Place your cursor above the graphic element in the structure view and see what the element catalog suggests you place there. It's likely that your graphic simply needs to be wrapped in another element.


                    Are you being asked to figure this all out on your own? If so, you may want to look into structured frame training. I can help, as I've trained folks in your organization, and am in southern california.



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                      FieryPantone Level 3

                      Just a thought … when you set up a paragraph tag for graphics anchors, make sure the 'Fixed' checkbox is not selected.

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                        JacquesCT Level 1

                        Matt, what I am really needing is a structured template to a Mil-STD 3001, and yes, I have been tasked to do this on the fly. I am familiar with structured FrameMaker documents, but limited in the developer experience. If you are locally situated I would love to get together with you to discuss the details of what I am needing. FYI; I am needing a TOC, LIST pages for ILLUSTATIONS, TABLES, and INDEX template, then I need a Chapter template. So, in essence I am in desperate need of 4 templates. The linking and tagging will be done by the individual authors, with the gist involving importing unstructured documents into the structured environment.

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                          mattrsullivan Level 3

                          Sounds great. I'm teaching this morning, but will be in touch later today.

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                            JacquesCT Level 1

                            Matt, Good morning, just checking back with you to see if you have had any time to review that material I sent to you. I have come up with an existing set of DTD and FOSI files that I am able to use to create my MIL-STD 3001 templates. Please let me know when and if you would have an opportunity to give me some feedback on this effort. Thanking you in advance, best regards.





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                              mattrsullivan Level 3

                              Hi Jacques,


                              As a follow-up to our conversation (for anyone else reading this thread) you are better off acquiring the MIL-STD 3001 dtd or schema files rather than redeveloping that info from scratch or printed materials.


                              Once you've gotten them, please email directly to me and we can proceed from there.

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                                JacquesCT Level 1

                                Matt, this is the DTD/FOSI file I had been waiting on.

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                                  JacquesCT Level 1

                                  Here are the rest of them, not sure if you would need to review all of these files, just in case.