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    Waste of time


      What an astonishing mess. I have activated my account, but ADE won't open a pdf file. What I get is a bunch of meaningless numbers that tell me the user absolutely nothing. And when I get to the forum I just see hundreds of messages about various and sundry things and none of which solves my problem. I would like to have Adobe Digital Editions working on my computer, but I don't need it. If Adobe wants to keep people around, they should give meaningful error messages and make it a lot easier to get help. I'll just use another ereader.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Calm down.


          I too am frustrated at the people who programmed the error messages that

          ADE spits out.  That's how I came to the fourm.  However, if you have a

          problem, and you're getting error messages, then don't just diss them -

          tell us what they are, because we've taken the time to learn a bit about

          what they mean.


          Also keep in mind that, while ADE will handle most pdf files, the primary

          Adobe product for doing that is Adobe Reader, not Digital Editions.  If the

          pdf file you're trying to read in ADE happens to have characteristics that

          ADE doesn't handle - by design - then perhaps Reader X will do it instead.


          So - now that we have that stuff behind us, what problem do you have?



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            Rick1210 Level 1

            You lost me at "calm down." Pats on the head from no-it-alls disqualify them from serious consideration.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              OK.  Let me put it this way:  Shut up you idiot and listen!


              I'm not a 'know it all' any more than you are.  Give us detail and somebody

              - if you prefer, anybody but me - will try to help you.  If you insist on

              being a jerk, nobody will.



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                It's almost 24 hours later. I guess Rick figured it out himself.


                Frustrated, you've helped me in the past and I appreciate it.

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                  Rick1210 Level 1

                  There is no figuring out to be done here. The problem is how difficult it is to determine what a problem is (the error message) and to find a solution in the Forum. I'm not a beginner as a computer user. The bottom line in this matter is that I don't need ADE badly enough to warrant all the effort.


                  So this should mark the end of this thread.