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    Call for Help- Flash Ecommerce

      Hello everybody. I was wondering if anybody would be
      able to lend me a hand on this website im working on.
      the current url for it right now is:


      Click on the link on the left side stripe that says
      "The Brand". Im trying to build an e-store inside of
      flash with all the validation and data processing
      taking place inside this one window. If you take time
      to go thru all the sections, you can pretty much make
      out whats what. I designed and built the site by
      myself from scratch. The entire site is good except
      for this one section, i need some serious programming
      expertise to get it functional and complete. Im
      guessing we would be using actionscript, PHP, and
      MySQL to make it work. As this is one of my own
      projects, i have no budget of any kind to pay anyone in
      cash for their work....so i was wondering if there was
      any way for me to barter with anyone compentent enough or something to that
      effect to complete this job? Please let me know if I have any intereseted
      collaborators on my hands. Thanks