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    EPS file placed within INDD art shows crop marks when exported to PDF


      Hi Friends -


      I have a INDD art file I'm working on, within which I placed an EPS image.  Upon exporting the INDD art to PDF, the document has what appear to be crop marks surrounding the EPS image.  This is not where the image should be cut, and these marks are being shown in a functional part of the design.  Here is a screenshot of one corner of the EPS; the other 3 corners have identical marks:


      ss (2012-11-27 at 02.11.30).png


      Additional information:

      - MS Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

      - InDesign CS5.5  Version 7.5.3

      - Marks are generated during export process/conversion to PDF; they are not visible in InDesign.

      - EPS file does not create these crop marks when placed into another INDD file and exported using the same process as above.

      - No other elements of the INDD file have similar marks displayed after export.


      Any help with where I might find the setting in INDD to turn this OFF would be greatly appreciated!