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    Questions regarding: 1) Photoshop and Illustrator softwares 2) .eps file formats.

    Thomas Crowley Level 1

      I'm using a DELL PC running Win7. I have Adobe Photoshop CS (i.e. the first CS version from 2003).

      I do not yet have Adobe Illustrator.


      I'm creating images for a science publication. It includes graphs, chemical structures, color photos of lab

      equipment. I use ChemBioDraw (Cambridgesoft, http://scistore.cambridgesoft.com) to draw chemical

      structures and schematics. I've been using MS Powerpoint to draw graphs, make composites of photos, label

      panels, and add annotation.


      1) The publishing company wants line drawings to be in .eps format. I can copy and paste ChemBioDraw

      and Powerpoint figures into Photoshop and then save them in .eps format. They look identical to me when in

      .eps format. Will this be suitable for publication?


      2) The ChemBioDraw figure file size increases more than tenfold when converted to .eps format. Is this



      3) I have used Photoshop a lot in the past but not for my recent work. My coauthor uses Adobe Illustrator on

      a PowerMac G5-9.1. He creates .eps files for line drawings. Are the drawing tools in Illustrator much

      better than those in Photoshop? If I get Illustrator will I be able to manipulate photo images (create

      composites, add annotation etc.) as I have with Photoshop in the past?


      4) My coauthor has sent me some .eps line drawings. When I open them with Photoshop there is a gray and

      white checkerboard pattern in the background. I believe this is because the background layer has been

      eliminated (the image is in layer 1). Can such a file be opened in a way that the background is solid white?

      5) Is there a Windows-compatible software for viewing .eps files that is simpler than Photoshop or Illustrator  (i.e. no editing




      Thomas C.