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    Export rendering non-functional


      Whenever I try to  render-and-export my project to an avi, or ay other format, the rendering takes less than a second and all get is a 668k kB file without anything in it.

      Tried varying the settings, to no avail.

      It would seem to be compostion-specific, as it worked without problem with the test composition.(that contained only one file, a completely unedited avi)

      When I backed up my comp. and reduced the original to the same status, it still didn't work.


      Ae CS6.11.0.0378, I think

      Demo version

      7,9 g ram allocatable

      Win7 proffesional

      Only .avi, .wav, .m4v and .mp4,



      So, what more should I tell you before I can get any help?