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      I've turned off auto-run and my slides still automatically advance.  Suggestions?

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hello and welcome to the forum,


          Could you be a little bit more specific? I'm just guessing now and think you do mix two totally different things, if you are really speaking about Captivate:

          1. Turning off 'Auto Play' in the Preferences, Start and End will only prevent that the published file starts playing automatically, and then you'll have an arrow that has to be pressed to have the file started. You can also add a poster image.
          2. Slides advancing automatically: has nothing to do with that Preference: if you are talking about captured slides like in a demo, the slide has no pausing whatsoever, once the playhead reaches the end of a slide it will proceed to the next slide. If you want the slide to wait for the user to continue, you'll have to insert a button or a click box (or a shape button if you are using Captivate 6) that pauses the slide. You'll see then two vertical bars in the timeline of that interactive object (button, click box, shape button) indicating where the play head will stop. You can specify the action to be executed when the user presses the object: could be Continue, playhead will then be released, or could be 'Go to Next Slide', in that case the playhead will jump over all the frames after the pausing point and go straight to tne next slide.


          If you did import a Powerpoint project, and choose the option 'Advance on user click' a click box will automatically be inserted on each slide, and you'll see that the slide pauses at its end because the click box has its timeline reaching till the end of the slide and always pauses at the end of its own timeline.