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    AE6 crashes when rendering with SWF footage


      I've been importing and compositing SWFs on a regular basis.


      For the last little while I've been using Flash CS6 to create the SWFs and AE CS5 (due to plugin availability), without any problems. But ever since I switched to AE CS6 I get regular crashes when rendering compositions containing SWFs. When I say regular, I mean that I can hardly render a 20 second movie without a freeze, but it doesn't happen on a paricular frame. - It's apparently random. There also seems to be no correllation with Flash Player version, specific plugins or AE projects. The only workaround is to render to an image sequence and set up a new render every time AE freezes during the render. Strangely, I don't get theses freezes when scrubbing and previewing in AE, only during rendering!


      I'm running all the latest Flash and AE updates.

      Any ideas?