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    Best solution for using CS6 on two platforms?


      I work in a small business of only two graphic designers. We are in need getting CS6 for both Photoshop and Illustrator on Windows. After reading into it, I am aware that a single copy license of the software can be installed on 2 machines but can only be used on one or the other at any given time, not simultaneously. This, however, will not work for us as we use the software at the same time.


      My question is: will we be required to purchase two separate licenses (which means two separate software packages), one to use on each machine?


      I was looking at the Volume Licensing but since we are only two people, I don't think it's necessary to purchase the Volume Licensing.


      The license is the software, correct? So you wouldn't just be able to purchase one copy of the software at full cost and then purchase a second "license" at a cheaper cost to use for a second computer/user? This is what I originally thought until I did more research into volume licensing (unless I'm incorrect in what I've read).


      So what I need clarification on is: am I correct in thinking that for our situation, where we are two people who use Photoshop and Illustrator at the same time on different computers, the only way we would be able to stay within the legal agreements of adobe is by buying two physical copies of the software, whether buying the single user software or the software through volume licensing?