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    White light sources (and their quality)

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      (continued from another thread)


      White LEDs are currently not a great way to illuminate your prints because they are not near full spectrum light sources.  Most "white" LEDs are currently blue or violet LEDs with a green or yellow phosphor added to look neutral - but they have very little light in other areas (especially red).  Some high end white LEDs are getting closer to full spectrum - but those are only recently available, and are not yet widespread.


      Cheap fluorescent lamps tend to have a few "spikes" of light and have some wavelenths almost entirely missing.  "Full Spectrum" Fluorescent lights are getting better, and cheaper - but are still not comparable in quality to tungsten or daylight.




      Spectra measured with X-Rite ColorMunki and Argyll CMS spotread utility. Multiple readings averaged, normalized and plotted in Microsoft Excel.


      [ updated Dec 16, 2012 to add white LED4, a recent Cree flashlight LED ]

      [ updated May 27, 2013 to add samples from 2 LED lightbulbs ]