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    Cannot open Photoshop CS5.1


      Hi.  I have a Mac running OS X version10.7.5.  I have Photoshop Elements 8 and 9 installed. They work fine.  I also have Photoshop CS5.1 installed.  It worked fine for a number of months until yesterday.  Now, it will not open.  I re-installed from the disk, and went throught the whole process, and it said "Done".  However when I double-click the icon I get the spinning color wheel for a second or two, and the icon blinks, but nothing opens.  I restarted my machine, but that didn't solve anything - I got the same result.  I sure would appreciate any help you can provide.  Thanks.

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          Are Photoshop and OS fully updated?

          As with all unexplainable Photoshop-problems you might try trashing the prefs (after making sure all customized presets like Actions, Patterns, Brushes etc. have been saved and making a note of the Preferences you’ve changed) by keeping command-alt-shift pressed on starting the program or starting from a new user-account.

          System Maintenance (repairing permissions, purging PRAM, running cron-scripts, cleaning caches, etc.) might also be beneficial, Onyx has been recommended for such tasks.

          Weeding out bad fonts never seems to be a bad idea, either. (Validate your fonts in Font Book and remove the bad ones.)


          If 3rd party plug-ins are installed try disabling them to verify if one of those may be responsible for the problem.