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    Elements 8 crashes Windows 7 HP

    laura toms

      Elements 8 crashes Windows 7.  Product worked fine for over a year but now when launching the editor the system crashes with a error message "page fault in non page area".  System has been checked with no errors.  Completed the 9 steps for "licensing has stopped working" fix.  After step 5 the editor launched once but after a re-boot system crashed again after launching editor.  Completed step 9 with a complete de-install/re-install and again editor worked once but after re-boot crashes system again?

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          andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

          Do you have enough RAM to serve Editor's functioning? Please go for a defrag if needed.




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            laura toms Level 1



            8 meg of ram and running Elements editor and no other programs.  C was only 5% fragmented but defraged anyway.  Did not help I'm afraid.  Right before the system started crashing we installed new apple software for a new iPhone 4 and Bonjour was included in the update.  I researched a possible conflict with Bonjour and removed the program and that did not solve the problem either.  What I find really strange is that after I removed the Elements license (step 5) and then when I uninstalled/reinstalled Elements, both times editor worked until system was rebooted and then the crashes started all over again.


            Thanks for you responce



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              andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the information.


              What I collect from some search over this kind of fault, this might not have to do with PSE as such. You OS is trying to access a memory chunk which is not available. Happens in a no. of situations like bad memory sticks, some defective h/w or s/w installation, some corrupt drivers etc.


              To confirm the case, please uninstall PSE - restart your system and then see if the issue happens. If not then run your system in Safe Mode and then install PSE and lookout for the error again.


              However if the issue persists even upon PSE uninstall, this means the reason for this fault is other than defective s/w (PSE in this case).


              Please checkout the following thread for a resolution to the issue-http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-debugging/127214-bsod-page-fault-nonpaged-area.html




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                I am having the same problem.  PSE 8 ran fine for a few weeks.  Now when I go to edit I get the BSOD.  I have fairly recent Dell.  I have no problems with BSOD anywhere else.


                I need it for Christmas projects, and none of these solutions seem helpful.