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    Loop Point




      I have a 30 minute video with 5 chapter points, a motion 'intro menu' and a motion chapter menu.


      The intro menu buttons appear after 10 seconds as the intro plays first and the buttons that appear are 'Play Film', 'Chapter Menu', 'Bonus Features'. If the user presses the Play Film button they are sent to the main timline. The main timeline, remote control 'menu button' and end action of the timeline are set to sending the user back to loop point of the intro menu which is 10 seconds. This works fine, so if at any point the menu button is pressed while watching the main feature they are sent back to the point where the buttons have animated in.


      The issue I am having is sending users back to the correct menu.


      The chapter menu also has 5 seconds intro before the 5 boxes animate in. I have created 5 seperate chapter list menus each containg just 1 chapter and the end point going back to the loop point of the Chapter Menu at the loop point (5 seconds)


      The issue is users are always sent back to the Intro Menu loop button when they press the Menu button on the remote control.


      I want it to work in a way that they are sent back to the menu they came from at the correct loop point.


      What am I doing wrong?



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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Select the timeline(s) that are affected. In Timeline properties, set the "Menu Remote" to specify link and use the loop point option.

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            eday_2010 Level 1

            Can I ask how you set up the intro and then the menu items to appear afterwards? This is something I am trying to do, and I have no clue how. I don't have a loop point in my menu. I have the Loop # set to none; I assume that the menu will sit at the end of its run until the user selects something.


            Do I need a loop point in order to get the menu items to appear after an intro? Any help would be appreciated!