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    photoshop elements 11 just after installation in the editor the mouse does not even scroll top menu


      HI guys


      Very dissapointed so far by this adobe soft, that I just installed a few hours ago. At this point it is worthless and no way I can use it like that . After installation I went directly into the editor and right away I saw that the software was very sluggish with my cursor dragging . After clicking on a top menu (File) the menu bar open  (5 sec.)and if I scroll it down  I do not see the blue color following my cursor, and if I click at the location in the bar of my cursor it takes a few second before it respond. I am also using the following adobe softwares that works flawlessly : Photoshop CS5.5 extended; Bridge; Camera Raw; Lightroom 4.2. My computer uses an Asus P7P55-E Premium motehrboard with Win 7 pro 64 bits with an intel I 860 2.8 mhz and 8 gigs of RAM. All my adobe softs are 64 bits, except for  elements 11. After seeing that,  I installed the upgrades without any visible problems. Even after that nothing has improved.


      I have to say that I have quite a few softwares installed that all work perfectly  such has Topaz bundle; Photomatix pro, etc.  In fact of all my softwares this is the only one that is giving me troubles.


           I hope somebody has a solution for this extremely poor behavior.