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    Not Recording Drop Down Menu correctly in Excel

      I have recorded navigation in the drop down menu in Excel in Assessment mode. However, the item highlighted in the playback is not the item I originally highlighted. Also, I have it set to two attempts before the correct selection is made. After two wrong attempts I can select another wrong maneuver and it still navigates to the next correct destination. Is this a bug and is there a patch to correct this? An important thought, the excel application is being retrieved by logging in to the thin client Citrix. Is that the problem? If so, what is the work around?
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          SShipe Level 1

          Welcome to the forums.

          Without being to see the actual behavior you describe, I am going to take a guess at what is happening. I am assuming that your have Auto Record checked in your recording options. With that being the case, Captivate will capture a screen shot whenever an event takes place (such as clicking the mouse). However, that action is immediate and often the screen has not rendered or even changed when Captivate takes a picture. Screen rendering via Citrix is often even slower so that very well could be causing what you are seeing. You may want to supplement your screen captures using the Print Screen key to take extra shots which you can delete later during editing if necessary.

          As for the correct/incorrect tries....what action do you have it set to take when the user selects incorrectly? In the objects properties box, look to see what you have Captivate set to do on an incorrect action. It sounds like you have set to the default of "Continue" which means that they get 2 chances and then Captivate will continue on even though they have not gotten it correct. If you want it to go elsewhere (to a feedback screen for example) change the option in the picklist for what action to take.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi BuckyBigCheese

            In addition to the excellent points fellow Adobe Community Expert Steve advised of, I'd like to clarify something that was alluded to, but not explicitly stated.

            You may recall that Steve said Captivate captures a screen when and event takes place. You should be aware that if you simply roll the mouse over an object and an "event" occurs (such as a new menu appearing) that Captivate doesn't normally recognize the "rollover event" and therefore doesn't take a snapshot.

            Cheers... Rick