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    Adobe screwed up my computer with McAfee install


      Adobe Reader Download Screen.jpg

      After updating my Adobe Acrobat program, I noticed that McAfee Security Plus had been installed on my computer. I immediately uninstalled the software since I use other Virus protection software, but it has permanently screwed up my Ethernet network connection. I have since researched the problem on the MacAfee Community Forms and there are literally THOUSANDS of others who have had the same problem with McAfee. I have tried all the suggested solutions posted and none of them worked – my Internet connection (via the built-in Ethernet port) has been permanently destroyed. Note that I have tried a Wi-Fi USB card which works flawlessly. NOTE: McAffe is UNINSTALLED but my network card is still screwed up.


      Since Adobe installed this software with the Acrobat update, I want to know how Adobe will be compensating customers whose computers they screwed up with the destructive software they included inside their trojan horse called Adobe Reader X download?