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    Cross-platform script installer

    Stephen Horne

      Does anyone have a recommendation for how to go about distributing an installer that can place custom scripts in the InDesign scripts folder (startup scripts etc) on both Windows and Mac?


      It would have to detect what version of InDesign is installed and offer a choice if more than one exists.


      I use a Mac, and I can create a Mac-only installer that accomplishes this, but I'm wondering if I can (relatively-easily) do something that works for Windows too.


      The way I'd do it for a Mac would be to make a .app bundle that wraps the payloads and a ruby/python script that does the logic and copying. To do this for Windows would be trivial I'm sure, but I would stumble at the gui point.


      So far, I've begun looking at a Java installer, http://izpack.org/, but I thought I'd check to see if someone else has a better idea before I spend time learning how to use it, as it's quite hefty for my needs.

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          Harbs. Level 6

          You can create an mxi file to pack the scripts into an Extension Manager installer.



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            Stephen Horne Level 1

            Thank you Harbs. That seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.

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              DBarranca Level 4


              I resuscitate this old topic because I'm personally facing major hassle dealing with "traditional" deployment methods - that is, manual installation and Adobe Extension Manager (AEM).


              While I'm OK creating complex installers (signed, timestamped, hybrid, etc) apparently users are having all sort of troubles: AEM is not installed, AEM is not up to date, AEM has its period.

              Adobe Add-ons (aka Exchange) relies on the Creative Cloud app File sync feature, which is error prone too.

              Last but not least, manual installation is straightforward for some users, a pain in the neck for others.


              To date, >95% of customer support emails I'm getting are for installation troubles.

              Now, I'm not an ID guy but a PS one, I post here from time to time to (say hello to the ID people and to) learn how your community has solved problems that all Adobe developers might share.

              My personal answer is to write installation scripts (which I'm currently testing) - using ExtendScript's Folder tokens and crossing fingers for CEP paths related to HTML panels (will that work on all locales?).

              I don't know about ID, but PS can File > Script > Browse... (and load a JSX which duty is to copy/move files around)

              Have you come up with different/better alternatives? How is your experience like?

              Thank you!

              Davide Barranca