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    Can I embed a sound file into an SWF?


      This is my first time using Indesign's ability to export SWF files, working on CS5.5. It's a terrific feature, but I'm having real issues with the sound files. What I need to do is create multiple SWF files from a multi-page Indesign document. There is a sound effect that needs to be used throughout the multiple files, playing whenever a button is clicked.. The thing is, every time I export a single SWF file, I'm getting a brand new 'resources' folder with it, containing the same sound file. This seems very redundant and will take up lots of space on my website.

      How can I do this more efficiently? Is it possible to embed the sound file into the SWF? Alternately, is there a quick way to make all the SWF's use the same MP3 file from a single location, maybe even a single URL, instead of grabbing it from a separate folder each and every time?