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    Is Output ES3 the right choice?


      Hello. My company has asked me to search a solution for doing the following things.


      -We already have the form designed with LiveCycle Designer.

      -Now we have to prefill/merge the form with data from an xml document.

      -In the xml, there are lots of data for creating different forms. I mean, there is the data from thousands of different people and the data from each person will go into a single form.

      Then I have been asked to generate these pdf forms (around 10000) already prefilled.


      We only have LC Designer, and I assume this can't be done with Designer and we will need something like Forms or Production Print.


      What I thought is that I have to buy the suite, install a LiveCycle Server and then use the module that allows me to do that.

      I have searched a lot in the forums and Adobe's site, but I don't know exactly what I should do.


      Could someone give me a hand in what should I do?


      Thanks in advance.