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    IDCS6 can tables recognize and update codes from excel

    elena draghi

      Hi all,

      i am looking for a plug-in (or other) which find in excel worksheet a code and change, after updating, its related fields automatically in indesign table.


      I'm working on a price book (more than 300 pages),

      customer give us the previous file indesign cs6,

      each product have is page and contains table with code, description, dimension, price… and more. Now i have to change the price for each code.

      Some code are also repeated more times in pages.

      For the updating customer gives us only an excel file with different column and different code order.


      Could be exist a plug-in or any other method which do it?

      something like that:

      - search (from excel column or cell) CODE+PRICE

      - search (to indesign tables) CODE

      - update (to indesign tables) PRICE


      Please help...Some tips?

      Thanks so much for any helps!