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    Weblogic, data services, flex, flash

    Alex_Kud Level 1

      Hello world!

      I have folowing task:

      I need to create very simple application using Flash Builder with Flex, Oracle Database and WebLogic Server. No matter what application, let it be empty for the begining.

      So, first I need to install LiveCycle Data Services on WebLogic. I didn`t find any tutorial about how to do it. So, I deployed manually next WAR files on my managed server: dataservices.war, ds-console.war, dataservices-samples.war. It seems that they work normally. Health OK.


      Q: How can I test them?


      Next, if I understand everything right, I need to deploy Flex, right?


      Q: Do I need to deploy Flex components or they are included in Flash Builder?

      Q: How to deploy Flex components?

      Q: How to test it?


      Can I after that start creating application in Flash Builder?


      Q: Does anyone have examples of such applications?(with OracleDB and lcds on WebLogic)


      I`ll be very greatfull for any tutorials, posts and etc. which could help me.


      Thx a lot!




      I`m sorry for my bad english.