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    Adobe Premiere 11 sharing to YouTube fails at 99%.


      I hope someone can help.  I am a dummy when it comes to this stuff (I am normally just a user).  I purchased a brand new laptop with a I5 procerssor running on Windows 8 five days ago.  All requirements are there to load Premiere 11.  I purchased the new laptop and a software package of Premiere 11 only (no photoshop) at Best Buy and have attempted to learn and perform the necessary due diligence before posting here.


      The error I receive is "Online Services encountered an error. The service will now be terminated or paused if possible."  This occurs after the first step of the process reaches 99%.  I did look at similar posts, but they were all earlier versions of the product and did not lend much help. Plus I did what I found those to all request (unless I was doing something wrong).  I have shut down numerous times, ensured that the anti-virus and firewalls were disabled many times when trying to loadd.  I even uninstalled and reinstalled the software multiple times.  I keep reaching the same point and then it fails.  If it matters at all, I did create the video on elements 11 using a old Costco DVD (converted from VHS to this DVD).  It worked fine on my workstation using Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 7.  I did try in reverse too by uploading the video I created on Premiere 11 from You Tube.  That did not work either, just hung up.


      Any thoughts on where I go from here or guidance would surely be appreciated.  I did see some posts that indicated this software may not be compatible with Windows 8 in some circumstances.  Not sure if that is true since I purchaased this package because it said it was compatible with Windows 8.  Everything else seems to be fine, just the sharing and publishing has not worked (only tried for YouTube since that is where my needs are).


      Thank you for your time.