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    Advanced Data-Merge - Multi-Page Product Flyer

    daemonic_rage Level 1

      Hello Adobe Community! Long-time subscriber, 1st post!


      I've been contracted to work on multi-page product flyers for a retail outlet.


      These flyers are based off a pretty loose template that vary in design from page to page depending on the number of products and hierarchy of importance (sale items, etc.)


      The copy (product description, price, savings, promotion) is provided by the managers but it's a painstakingly time consuming task copying and pasting hundreds of descriptions.


      I have used data-merge before for ticket numbering and business cards. I have also done my research online to find advanced uses of data-merge but they've been pretty limiting.


      Can anyone point me to resources that will show me advanced data-merge techniques which will allow me to populate these product flyers?


      I've come across Lynda.com's "Dynamic Publishing Workflows in XML" but I have little experience with XML.




      Thank you!

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          Rik Ramsay Level 4

          There was a thread back in February that covered a multi-page flyer - not sure if it's exactly what you are looking for but may give you a helping hand. Yours sounds a little more complicated. http://forums.adobe.com/message/4182524#4182524

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            Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

            a lot of the tips on my colecandoo blog generally relate to one record per page or pages, rather than many records to one page, such as catalogues (regardless whether the catalogue is 4pp or 4000pp).


            I like using mail merge for one record per page/pages jobs but find the multiple records per page a bit limiting in terms of:

            • item descriptions that are long, contain punctuation or multiple lines
            • hierarchy of products which require different appearances for different positions in the hierarchy


            XML is a little better for catalogues as items that have to be "next" can appear in the same text frame and thread through linked text boxes. Data Merge can't do that, so if an item needs to be in a different position or deleted, that means doing the data merge again, whereas with XML the XML file just needs to be updated.


            However, there is a paid service by fuga-tech that i've seen at a glance and have NO AFFILIATION with which might accomplish what is desired. I've NEVER USED IT but have a look and see if this is what you're after. www.fuga-tech.com

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              daemonic_rage Level 1

              Thanks for the speedy responses!


              I have gone through the links provided and discovered that this flyer process is much more complicated than standard cataloging. With several different promotions ('Save', 'Save UP TO', BOGO, Price /ea, Price /lb) and a whole group of contributers (category managers) this is probably something that will require a custom setup.


              It would be perfect if I could find a solution that links ProofHQ comments to a database, but I'll keep dreaming.


              I have looked into Fuga, and it's seems to be the solution I'm looking for. I was just hoping to try and do something in-house on the designer/marketing level without the use of an external services.


              Thanks again for all your input. I've realised that there isn't a simple cookie-cutter solution for what I'm looking to accomplish.

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                Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

                The "off of the shelf" solution using indesign alone will give limited results. data merge and XML are different ways importing the data but the outcome is somewhat the same - format one record which looks like THIS, and then REPEAT that for all ongoing records. With Data Merge and XML, there isn't a way that I can think of to have SOME records look like THIS and others on the same page look like THAT... Fuga-Tech looks promising but I've only watched the online video and gone no further.

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                  jimk1305 Level 1

                  We had this solution developed for us thru a company in Chicago - Meadows Publishing Solutions. What you see in the video are the basic concepts of what they offer..and I work for a company not in the grocery industry so this isn't our materials. The idea with Meadows is that they custom develop solutions like this for flyers and catalog publishing. The work we do wasn't as specific as this video shows however we are satisfied with what they created for us. ....Jim Kemperman