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    I am having formatting problems with Digital Editions 2.0


      What has happened to version 2?

      I started getting complaints at work that recently converted ePubs weren’t working correctly; displaying bad fonts, jumping pages, multiple pages on top of each other, locking up, etc. After a lot of head scratching because I couldn’t replicate any of these problems myself (I was using ver1.7 at the time) and the ePubs were structurally fine. Then I remembered retailers and publishers had been downloading and using v2 for some time, I’d been using v1.7 only because I'd gotten used to the way it worked, the black screen, etc. and hadn’t had time yet to play with v2. But due to these complaints I did and wished I hadn’t. Its display of ePub is appalling (see screen shots below) how did it get past QA. I been googling v2 and now know I am far from the only one who is shocked by the poor performance of v2. Adobe, when are you going to fix it? Can you put the links to v1.7 back on your website?  v2.pngv17.png