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    Set image src within a symbol - How?


      I have created a symbol in Edge Animate, which contains a rectangle as view area and an image and text as contents of that view area. I want to set text and image src before I start the animation of the symbol. I can set "Text" with

      var thing = sym.getSymbol("mySymbol");

      thing.$("Text").html("I can set some text here to change the content of Text.");

      and when I start the animation of that symbol, the new text is used. Question now is, how I can set the image source for the item "Image" within that symbol. I have looked into the files Edge Animate creates, and the text as shown above is in a field called "text", while the name of the image is contained with other information in a field called "fill". I don't have a clue how to set the image source. Any pointers?

      I don't want to create 24 instances of something for an advent calender, I just want to have one, which I fill through JavaScript, before the animation is shown. All text and all images have almost the same size, so this should be doable somehow.

      The follow on question would be, whether the preloader loads all 24 images, because they are not actually referenced in any EA object...

      Thanks in advance!