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    Corrupt pages, invisible text


      I'm working on an ID file (CS5.5, Win 7) and have just discovered that some pages appear to be corrupt. Some pages in the middle of the document aren't showing the text that's on them, and I can't click on the text frames. I can click in a page before, arrow down to that text, and select it by using shift+arrow, so I know it's still there, I just can't see it. When I try to delete those pages, ID crashes.


      So the text is still there, I just have no way of dealing with these random blank pages.


      I've already restarted, and trashed my preferences.


      I was able to copy and paste the text into a new file successfully, so that's a work around, but does anyone have an idea for a solution to this?


      Tried to insert an image, but the insert pop-up isn't working for me.