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    Warp tool: Can the number of handles/ point & grid size change?

    zarrdave Level 2

      Not quite sure if this is the right terminology but hopefully you guys will get the idea.


      I've converted a 2D image into a smart object, dragged into a project then transformed it using the Distort command (similar to how you might distort a 2d image to make it sit inside a photo frame at an angle) . I need to then warp that image around over something that looks like a curved panel thats 2D but looks 3d. Its not a 3d object, but a rendered 2d image that just looks 3d.


      I'm using the Transform > Warp tool as Puppet Warp isnt available after using Distort when using Smart objects.


      Warp works fine to some extent but I could really do with more handles and smaler grid for more accurate warping rather than the default 3x3 grid & handles..


      Does anyone know if you can add more handles/ nodes/ control points (or whatever they'e called) and/ or increase grid points in the same way Puppet Warp does this so as I drag around I control a tigher & smaller space?