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    Moving, scaling, sprites not behaving

      I have a product catalogue that, thanks to help from this forum, now trawls specified directories and loads images into a specific cast library. I then assign these cast members to sprites placed within my 'display' area - a 3 x 3 grid. Forward and back buttons browse through all the items in a directory and a 'Next' button moves onto the next directory, reloading the cast library appropriately.

      The problem I have is that the images are all sizes and shapes so on assigning the member to the sprite I have to resize it (there are issues with aspect ratio but they'll be resolved in the images themselves). This, I thought, would be a doddle and it is, for the first directory. The first directory works perfectly. The first nine are loaded and appear on screen in the grid, all the right size and shape, as do all the others in that directory over three screens.

      However, when I load the next directory the images are loaded using the same script BUT they seem to 'ignore' the lingo to resize them. I've tried using .left, .top, etc. and .locH, .locV with .width and .height. Both methods work for the first directory but not the subsequent ones.

      It's driving me mad because I'm stepping through the code and the commands are being carried out but apparently just ignored. I step through sprite(numSp).left = 100 and it just sits there at 181, for example.

      Is there some basic process I'm missing? Is there a reliable process for assigning members to sprites and forcing them to use the sprite dimensions/locations?