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    Embedded Path with Text - Tables


      Whenever I convert a document from MS Word or Excel to PDF, whenver there are tables that have color backgrounds, there is a Path that shows up along with the text contained within the table.  For example, if the text within the cell is "State," the Tag within the PDF document says "PathState."


      When I run the accessibility checker, there are no errors within the document.  When I listen to the document using "Read Out Loud," only the text within the cell is read.  Using the example above, Read Out Loud only reads "State."


      Is this an accessibility error?  Do I need to remove all of these embedded Paths manually?  Please help.


      See a visual example below:









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          raeben3 Level 3

          No this is not an error. If it doesn't read you are good to go.  Some screen readers may be set to read all graphic elements in which case it will be read. People who use readers are familiar with this and while it can be annoying it does not interfere with access to the content most of the time. You could remove it by converting it to Artifact but this is not usually necessary.

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            a C student Level 3

            If the document will be public-facing - that is available to everyone on the Internet - I go to the trouble of Artifacting-out all the graphical elements that get mixed in with table text. It can be tedious. If the document has a more targeted audiance using assistive technology known to tolerate paths mixed in with text elements, I would not bother.