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    Audio cross talk when exporitng HD h264 AAC stereo on Prem cs4/cs5/cs6 + Quality issues


      I am working on a video project with two audio tracks, targeted at Flash application which will turn on/off L/R channels

      L = English, R = Chinese(with English faded)


      I havent seen this issue before but, when exporting in Premiere PC/MAC  cs4-c6, Premiere always seems to MIX (probably 80%/20%) the two tracks when using AAC

      So the resulting h264/AAC when played back has an audio mix on both L/R when you listen to just one:

                L = English + low Chinese

                R =Chinese +low English !!


      I want the two channels seperate and clean like in my edit!!

      If you swap to exporting  AAC+1 or AAC+2 the tracks are seperate and clean.  (but issues of compatability on playback devices)


      I have worked around this by exporting the videos using a  HIGH data rate MPEG2 setting, then using Handbrake.

           The MPEG2 keeps the audio seperate (with no unwanted cross talk)


      Handbrake IS enocding the video to h264/ACC WITHOUT cross talk.

           Also faster

           Also better quality  (content has large still areas/slide based so)

           Also better file size vs quality a 50MB Handbrake file @ 350Kbps looks better than a 100MB file @ 500Kbps exported by Prem.


      Can anyone else confirm this unwanted cross talk and possible work around?