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    New camera format not recognized/Adobe Updater will not update

    Mary Prasad

      I bought a new camera (Canon Mark 5D III). I am trying to use my laptop (Mac Air/Lion) with Photoshop CS3 (although I have upgrades, I cannot upgade to CS5.5 or 6 because it will just drag my system down, worse than it is limping along already with Lion). Camera Raw doesn't recognize the file format. Adobe Updater will not upgrade anymore. Updater gives the following message: There are no updates available at this time. Please note that some updates for the following products cannot be determined at this time: Adobe Updater." How do I get the files to read on my laptop? I use it for travel and would like to at least be able to see my files in Photoshop for sharpness, and maybe do some preliminary editing.


      By the way, I spent 20 minutes waiting for a chat assistant then when I got one, he told me I had to call tech support. I tried calling tech support but was put on hold for well over 2 and a half hours before hanging up. This is horrible service! I couldn't even find an email address for customer service to lodge a complant.