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    Flex and Ant - proper build scripts

    JennHysuick Level 1

      I've been working with Flex Builder for a few years, and writing various Flex based applicaitons using coldfusion components.  I've now been tasked with creating ant scripts to use the SDKs rather than Flash Builder.


      Because I've always used an IDE, I'm not sure how to write the ant script to include a /scripts directory which contains actionscript files (but not necessarily class files), as well as a /components directory for all the cfc's.  I have the main.mxml file compiling, and creating an html wrapper for the swf.  As well, I am able to deploy the bin folder, but do not know which other files (if any) also have to be deployed.  In Flex Builder, it appears that everything in the source directory is being put in the bin directory on build.


      Like I said, I've only ever just hit build and run and things just worked, so I'm not terribly fluent in writing my own pieces.  Any assistance you can give would be great!