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    Trying to link buttons to specific text in document


      I'm on a mac using Adobe InDesign CS6. I have been slowly getting into converting our newspaper into a digitial interactive document including buttons to different content, hyperlinks, etc.

      My dilemma is I want to create buttons that will link directly to the text in a document, not just the page the text is on.

      What I am currently doing is creating a bookmark for each page, then making text anchors within each bookmarked page for each story (usually placing the cursor at the beginning of the headline).

      When I go to create the buttons to link to these stories, I am using "Go To Destination" and then choosing the appropriate text anchor. But when I go to output my document and preview the interactive form, the buttons are just linking to the page the text is on and not to the text directly.

      I'm sure I must be missing something. Any help?