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    flex builder sucks

      flex builder sucks big time.

      it take more than 250 mb ram even without any projects loaded and help open. in work mode it takes more than 450 mb. which is riduculus.

      also its auto complete doesnt work properly. it vanishes most of the time without reason.

      it is very slow in everything specially since i have 1GB ram and it is using it up all.

      it hardly has anything except a flex ui designer (not supporting all controls and properties) and auto complete (broken)

      whoever thought everything should be made in java shud be shot in the head six times plus one for good luck.

      i just hope someone makes a better ide for flex.

      in front of this vs.net2005 seems a baby at only taking 60+ mb of ram and well working far better and faster than this.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          Hey, it is essentially version 1, lets cut them a bit of slack.

          And MS has been pouring resources into Visual Studio for what, a decade?

          That is not a fair comparison.

          Flex Builder is usable, lots better than notepad and the command line compiler.

          Adjust your expectations a little, you will be happier.

          But venting here is ok too!

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            CoolCountDracula Level 1
            a company of this stature shudnt release incomplete stuff.

            its not that i love visual studio each version has many bugs which are never fixed only newer versions released which introduce more bugs but one thing is that their ide is currently the best. when you think they cant add more usefull stuff they yet add more and lot more of it. hats off to those guys for thinking of the unthinkable. and these features arnt those which u never use these features are those which you use everyday to speed up development.

            i am not saying think of new stuff just steal a lot of it from them.

            can you even list more than 30 features than really aid development in the builder more than just a generic code editor.

            look at vs.php its the best ide for php and they did the smart thing. used a great ide for their own purpose and used it well.

            i aint saying eclipse is a bad ide i have never used it otherwise but copuled with this it sucks. (same reason i stopped using azureus and switched to utorrent)
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              CoolCountDracula Level 1
              also any idea when they wud be fixing all the bugs and stuff.