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    Error Uninstalling ColdFusion 10


      I want to reinstall ColdFusion 10 as I have a corrupted installation since Windows Crashed 98% in.  When I try to reinstall using the 64bit installer, it only gives me the J2EE server configuration option instead of server.  So, I proceeded on attempting to uninstall it from the programs menu in Windows, but am receiving the following error:


      The uninstallation could not complete due to an error.


      I'm not sure what the error is or where to even find log files pertaining to this.  Is there a manual way of uninstalling CF10 completely?


      Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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          Here's what I'd do in a panic mode :


          First of all, I'd make sure none of the ColdFusion services are running (they probably aren't, but if they are, stop them).

          Launch registry editor, and delete  HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\services\ -> Coldfusion related keys


          Finally, delete the ColdFusion installation directory alltogether. Restart Windows, start from scratch.