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    First person eye close and open effect

    RobertHorn2012 Level 1

      Premiere Pro CS6


      I am trying to produce the first person eyelid open and close effect on Premiere Pro CS6.  I have tried the crop effect to achieve this, however it looks too unreal.  Any suggestions?




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I did similar with a Track Matte Key, created with two  ovals, fairly close to one another. I then did a Scale, Keyframed over time, where I unchecked Constrain Proportions, and manipulated the vertical/height. I did mine with no "eyelashes," and some wanted that.


          If all one needed was basically a black field, with just the "view" behind, "through the eyes," then one could easily create it in PS, and Keyframe the "openings." If one IS Keyframing Motion>Scale in the vertical, be sure to create the Image in PS with enough pixels to all for that change in vertical Scale.


          Good luck,



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            Whether you use the track matte or Photoshop shapes, experiment with adding blur or feathering to the edges, and make sure to ease in and out of your keyframes. Those two things almost always help with making effects look more naturalistic.

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