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    All video playback is black, but can hear audio.


      I'm using a trial of CS6 and having trouble with imported clips. In the past I have been able to open these clips in CS5.5 and CS6 when on Windows 7. Now I am on Windows 8 and they are all black when I open them in CS6. They do play in windows media player just fine though.


      I do game recording and the clips were originally recorded with mjpeg compression. On Windows 7 I encoded them using the default Youtube 1080p preset in CS6.


      So far I've tried installing the motion mjpeg codec trial, and it didn't work. Tried installing the full k-lite codec pack, that didn't work.


      My hardware:

      i5 2500k @ 4.3GHz

      16GB DDR3

      2x 670 GTX SLI (althought Premiere is set to only use one GPU)

      128GB SSD

      3 1TB 7200 RPM Hitachi Deskstar single platter HDDs