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    URGENT :one custom bitmap  castmember made out of two ????

    Level 7

      I need join 2 bitmap castmember in one in followin way

      I have a background image and image of a number (with alpha channel -
      transparent outside of the number)

      I need to place the number in the middle of the background image and create
      a new castmember, that looks exactly, like number castmember is laying over
      the background castmember

      I tryed to do this with following code

      on CreateNewTite

      bgImage = "bg1"

      numImage = "numbers\9"

      imageObject = image(20, 20, 32, 1)

      imageObject.copyPixels(member(bgImage).image, member(bgImage).rect,


      newmember = new(#bitmap, member 10 of castLib 1)

      newmember.image = imageObject


      but number on created bitmap is copied along with its alpha channel, it
      means a part of background is overwritten with transparent pixels from
      number image

      How do I correct this problem, what was wrong?

      How can I copy just not transparent pixals from number image and place them
      onto background image?

      Any help will be appreciated