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    I cannot gain access to my website using Contribute CS5

    victoriajourneyzing Level 1

      I have Contribute CS5 on a Mac running 10.7.5 and used to be able to access it but cannot now.  I CAN access the site on the internet fine and using YummyFTP can upload to it fine.

      When I use the CS5 Wizard to set up the connection I end up with "Access Denied.  The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem."  I have double checked all the inputs, I called my ISP and went thru everything there = all permissions are open to me, I'm usign the proper user ID and password and she can get to the site also. 


      When I do get the CS5 Wizard going it says in a dialog screen "Downloading 'cthub...etc....csi'  and nothing else happens.


      Another dialog that comes up is -- "Contribute cannot verify your connection information.  /  Please contact your administrator for assistance."


      I have talked to the ISP and we can't solve it between us.