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    AsRock X79 Extreme6 or ASUS P9X79 for 3930k?

    William GS

      Hi all!

      After reading some interesting discussions in this forum I have decided to buy the 3930k and I am looking for the mobo, I have found the AsRock X79 Extreme6 but it seems that nobody uses it with the 3930k, I have not found any tests, reviews or users giving feedback, instead it seems that most of the people prefers the ASUS P9X79 mobos. Which brand and model should I choose? I will use it for Photoshop CS6 Extended and Lighroom 4, no 3D, no gamin, no video editing. Also, I would like a mobo with 8 DIMM, I will start with 32GB RAM and during the 2013 I will buy 32 GB more.


      Thank you in advance,

      William GS