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    phototouch sync problem


      photouch does not sync gallery photos in my Nexus 10...

      It looks to me that the only way to sync is like in the Apple garden...through the Adobe cloud site...

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Hi. Please try to double click the top bar of the PS Touch File-Browser (see attached screenshot)  With that you can trigger an update of the Local Photos view


          Hope that helps.




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            alasoc Level 1

            No, it did not help; I was not able to get it to update.  I tried going to

            the Gallery and select individual picture to edit; it gave a choice of

            editing with 3 different programs, including PS Touch, I selected this

            choice but the individual picture does not show in the PS Touch option menu.

            I installed and installed PS Touch, but still not working on my Nexus 10;

            by the way, the present PS Touch version in my tablet is 1.4.1

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              Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee

              Ok, does this mean that this is your only problem - i.e. not being able to edit images in PS Touch direclty from the Gallery App?

              Can you import the image in PS Touch itself? I think we need to understand if you have two problems or only one.




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                alasoc Level 1

                No. I cannot import pictures to PS Touch...

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                  alasoc Level 1

                  And I cannot sync Gallery either...

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                    greule Adobe Employee

                    Hi. Would it be possible to send out some screenshots about what your seeing.


                    Especially when you're talking about sync and obstacles you are having with PS Touch




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                      alasoc Level 1
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                        alasoc Level 1

                        I do not have a screen capture software in my Nexus, but I am sending you

                        some pictures taken with my webcam...

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                          greule Adobe Employee

                          When you save a project with PS Touch it's not automatically saved to the Android Gallery.PS Touch has it's own file-type. What you need to do is to save it to the Gallery via the PS Touch Share option…see the attached screenshot


                          Hope that answers your question.



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                            alasoc Level 1

                            But this is not the kind of problem I am having; the problems is  that PS

                            Touch does not sync photos already in my gallery.  First I need to sync the

                            photos in the gallery in order to save as PS Touch file-type...

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                              Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



                              can you please refer to the Gallery app as Gallery app. It might lead to confusion that we use the word Gallery in PS Touch.

                              When you mention sync - are you talking about syncing to the Creative Cloud or some other service?


                              PS Touch will not add the image files into it's own Gallery automatically. The thumbnails that you see in the PS touch Gallery
                              are psdx files only. If you want them to be shown in your Gallery app you need to export them as Guido mentioned above.




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                                alasoc Level 1

                                Ignacio, there is no option in my tablet to convert and export psdx files

                                to PS Touch app.  It my prior experience with other photo app there was not

                                much hustle to import or export photos.  Your application is a headache; I

                                am not a computer savvy person and your application should be easy for

                                people like me.  Your application does not work with my Nexus 10, period...

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                                  Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                                  We should call the Gallery the Nexus uses as "Android Gallery" (since the Nexus 10 uses Android). We'll simply refer to PS Touch's Gallery as Gallery.


                                  If alasoc is looking to export his (her?) PS Touch projects to Android Gallery:


                                  • Tap the export icon in the upper right. (Be sure to browse to the location of your images and they are in your plain view.)
                                  • Tap, "Save to Gallery." (Choose either JPEG or PNG as file type.)
                                  • Tap each image you want to save to Android Gallery. (They should be marked my a blue border and a checkmark on the thumbnail.) Tap OK. Wait. Get some coffee. Do some macrame.


                                  PS Touch then returns to the Gallery. You should then be able to go into Android Gallery, where a new folder called, "Adobe Photoshop Touch," should be created. Tap this, and it should open your newly-exported images from PS Touch.


                                  There is no way per se to sync projects made in PS Touch with Android Gallery. You must export as I listed above. PS Touch, when importing images from Android Gallery, simply makes a copy of that image and leaves the original untouched. Personally, I like it that way as I can decide what to do with the original if I so choose.


                                  To save screenshots in Android, simultaneously press the power button *AND* the volume down button for about a second or two. You should hear a confirmation and a notification that Android is saving your screenshot. This screenshot (and future screenshots) are saved in a folder called (naturally), "Screenshots," in Android Gallery. You can then export these images in any fashion you choose (e.g., Dropbox, transfer to your computer, etc.).


                                  Any more questions, just ask.