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    Any good methods for 508 compliance with Director 11.0 or 11.5?

    Rod@FOF Level 1



      We have a lot of great materials developed in Director 2004 and Director 11.0 that now must be converted to meet 508 (access for impaired) standards. Are there any good places to begin thinking about this? Some have wanted us to just convert to HTML5, but this would be a nightmare for us. Much of it already has audio files in english and spanish. Unfortunately, that doesn't account for things like "capability to tab through a document" or "every graphic must have a verbal description." Any thoughts?





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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Have you checked the Library Palette for the existing Accessibility behaviors?

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            Rod@FOF Level 1

            I had forgotten all about the Accesibility Behaviors in the Library Palette. Took a week or so to review them, but in the long run, for the sake of simplicity, I am adding my own behaviors. FYI is what I have done. Maybe it will be of some help to someone else.


            First, a Movie Script:


            on mSpeakIt thewords ----------------------------------------------------

              b = thewords




            Second, a Behavior Script:


            property spritenum, pSpeakItWords---------------------------------------------------------------------


            on mouseenter me

                if sprite(spritenum).member.type = #text or sprite(spritenum).member.type = #field then

                d = sprite(spritenum).member.Char[1].font

                if d = "Wingdings *" then

                  b = sprite(spritenum).member.text

                  e = b.char.count

                  c = b.char[2..e]


                  c = sprite(spritenum).member.text

                end if


                c=pSpeakItWords --sprite(spritenum).member.text

              end if

                mSpeakit c



            On mouseleave me

              c= empty

              mSpeakit c



            on getPropertyDescriptionList me

              theSpeakIt =[:]

              addProp(theSpeakit, #pSpeakItWords, [#comment:"the words to speak for this sprite", \

                  #format:#string, #default:""])

            --  put theSwitchSprite

              return theSpeakIt

            end getPropertyDescriptionList --------------------------------------------------------------------------


            The movie script uses the VoiceSpeak() lingo option to make the speech. ( I have a separate behavior to turn the speech on and off.) The behavior script uses an if/then to identify text or field language in the movie. And it uses a property description list to allow me to add any language or description to any other graphic or sprite.


            So far does what I want. I will also add a tab order behavior to execute sprites in the order I want them to appear. Probably will use the bamouseclick option from Buddy API to place mouse over a visible sprite when selected from a list.