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    3 monitor set up


      Hello everyone,


      Looking for a little help. First time attempting to set up 3 monitors for editing in Premiere. couldn't find my solution in other posts..




      Currently using a NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT and 2x 22" monitors on my Mac Pro. Works fine.


      Just purchased a 32" HDTV, and looking into using it as a 3rd monitor for playback. A little confused at what type of graphics card I need to purchase to allow for the 3rd monitor.


      It would be used just for video playback. What I want is to scrub the timeline, and for whatever I see in my Program window, to also be seen full screen in my new monitor. Mainly for clients to see better than looking over my shoulder.




      Price range Im looking for currently would have to be on the lower end until I can upgrade.


      Have heard of Blackmagic Intensity Pro, is that the best option for the lowest cost, or are there any better ideas? Any other suggestions?

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          UlfLaursen Level 2

          Well, I think the Black Magic card you mention is the cheapest dedicated output card, so that would be a solution.


          You could also look at an Nvidia Geforce 660 Card, where you can have your 2 x 22" monitors and your HDTV via HDMI at the same time. The benifit of that solution would be, that you would get some extra performance inside Premiere Pro because of the Cuda in the graphics card.


          I just got the 670 (which is a bid more expensive) after recommendation here, but have not had time to test it yet, but I will post here, when I have had the time to test - hopefully tomorrow, if my clients give me a little peace


          Not sure where you are in teh world, but here you can get a card like that: